Jews Try to Destroy Lancet, One of the World’s Top Medical Journals

Murka, and a growing number of euronations, have plenty of native-speaking Arabs and Chinese miggers. They do not want (or need) WhiteEyes encroaching on “their” territory.
In fact, they hate whites speaking their tongue. They see them as a threat. They know what you’re up to. They are insular and openly exclude whites from their society in completely the opposite way stupid whites promote “Diversity” and “Vibrancy.”
This, sadly, makes MINOs wiser than whites, as this is the natural way of human group interaction.
If you want to be the first public execution by a Colored Regime, learn their language and ingratiate yourself into their secluded society. You might as well be an Irishman trying to get into the Italian Mafia in 1925. They’ll use you, then when you know too much, you’re dead.
The smartest way is becoming an expert speaker, but telling no one from that clan.

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay


The gall of these arrogant people!

Nothing seems to stop these maniacal freaks. The Jews just push and push and push and push. They never stop. They never ceasefire. They never back down. Their back is always up. The Jew is always in a state of war.

The Jews, of course, are pure goodness and purity and have never done anything wrong ever. They are shining angels of pure white light. The enemies of the Jews, which is pretty much all Gentiles honestly, are pure evil, blackness, darkness, hate and insanity.

The enemies of the Jews are never motivated by anything rational because anti-Semitism is always an irrational response. The reason it is an irrational response is because the Jews have never done anything wrong and never will, being entities of endless pure white light stretching eternally with no beginning and no end. Being full of pureness and…

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