How to Heal Yourself and Activate Your Chakras With Breath & Tone

Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal… - by F. Kaskais

Chakrasby Dot Todman, Contributor, Waking Times

Using the power of Breath, Intention, and Resonance to Empower Your Voice

Though I have always been a musically expressive person, when I first heard about the chakras, I actually did not believe they were real. The idea of having seven major points that governed certain organs in my body, radiating different colors and notes, and spinning clockwise when in balance seemed strange to me. It was not taught to me in school (as it is to children in India) and seemed irrelevant. It wasn’t until I was faced with healing an 8 inch scar along my core, that I was motivated to explore the idea that maybe if I could put this knowledge to good use, I would heal faster.

This need emerged when doctors nicked my bowel by accident while performing a laparoscopy. The worst place for a singer to have a wound…

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