GMOs, A Global Debate: Israel a Center for Study, Kosher Concerns - by F. Kaskais

JERUSALEM—Israel is an international center for studying genetically modified organisms (GMOs), though GMOs may only be grown for research purposes and under many restrictions.

The sale and use of GM products is permitted, though they cannot be grown commercially in the country. GMOs are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and, as in many other countries, more than 80 percent of soy and canola products, as well as baby formulas, include GM elements.

There are no requirements for labeling GMOs in Israel, so most Israeli consumers are not aware they are buying GM food.

Local and international environmental organizations are concerned about the lack of labeling and are actively lobbying for legislation in the Knesset (Israeli parliament) to address the issue.

Agriculture research is very developed in Israel. Universities are widely involved in GM research projects financed by Israeli and international governments and foundations. The results of the research, however…

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