French Front National: fake anti-globalization rhetoric

Murka, and a growing number of euronations, have plenty of native-speaking Arabs and Chinese miggers. They do not want (or need) WhiteEyes encroaching on “their” territory.
In fact, they hate whites speaking their tongue. They see them as a threat. They know what you’re up to. They are insular and openly exclude whites from their society in completely the opposite way stupid whites promote “Diversity” and “Vibrancy.”
This, sadly, makes MINOs wiser than whites, as this is the natural way of human group interaction.
If you want to be the first public execution by a Colored Regime, learn their language and ingratiate yourself into their secluded society. You might as well be an Irishman trying to get into the Italian Mafia in 1925. They’ll use you, then when you know too much, you’re dead.
The smartest way is becoming an expert speaker, but telling no one from that clan.

Anti-National Translation

This is by Reem Abu-Hayyeh at the excellent IRR news service. Read the original here.

A timely pamphlet aimed primarily at French trades unionists provides an opportunity to reflect on the FN’s growing appeal to working-class voters.

If we don’t stop the waves of immigration, in ten years whites will become a minority in France.’

‘If we had real freedom of expression we would be able to say anything, including racist remarks.’

‘Foreign workers from poor countries are ready to work for any kind of salary and under any conditions; it is because of them that there has been a social recession.’

French_myths_bookIt is myths such as these that journalist Pierre-Yves Bulteau, with the financial support and research assistance of charities, trade unions and organisations,[1] attempts to debunk in the (French-language) pamphlet, En finir avec les idées fausses propagées par l’extrême droite (‘Putting an end to the myths…

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