“Basic Income is the answer to technological developments”

Tom Kenis

Written for Mo* Magazine in March 2015

Increasingly, intelligent computers are taking over more and more intellectual jobs hitherto considered ‘safe’ from automation, author Tom Kenis argues. Where will it end? Kenis points to a basic guaranteed income as a way forward.

The world as we know it is coming to an end. A succession of inventions threatens existing economic activities and the income they provide. The political world is slow in responding to the social challenges of a new economic paradigm.

The above will sound familiar to contemporary commentators and historians alike. Similar words were used to describe the first industrial revolution some two hundred years ago – artisans giving way to Spinning Jenny’s, Slubbing Billy’s and so on. Innovation did not, as feared, lead to mass unemployment. However, it took almost a hundred years of strikes, and lobbying by unions and workers parties before the exploitation of these…

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