African Martyr From Chad Elects to ‘..Die as a Christian Before Living as a Muslim..’

Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…

sharia unveiled

Ghana-Chad Martyr - Mathew Ayairga (resized)

Beheaded for Christ

by, Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent | BosNewsLife | h/t Glen Roberts @ Trop

TRIPOLI, LIBYA (BosNewsLife)– An African man acknowledged his faith in Jesus Christ just moments before he was beheaded by Islamic State (IS) militants in Libya, according to new details revealed by several Christian sources.

Mathew Ayairga, who well-informed Christians said originated from Chad but had also been linked to Ghana, was among 21 men killed by IS fighters for refusing to embrace Islam.

He was not a Christian yet when forced to join other kidnapped men dressed in orange jumpsuits, kneeling on a beach, with their black-clothed attackers standing behind.

But just moments before his death, when asked to follow Islam, Ayairga refused, according to video footage.

After reportedly witnessing the “immense faith” of fellow believers, who all came from Egypt, he decided to become a follower of Christ himself. Each…

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