The fall of America, the Fall of Babylon

Often several Bible interpretations aren’t mutually exclusive. Is there really a difference between Saudi-Arabia and USA when it comes to foreign policy?

Serve Him in the Waiting

You know, folks, it couldn’t be any plainer that this world is about to undergo a massive and catastrophic shift for the worse.  I commented in an exchange with a reader recently on how I started to write a post on just how much delusion has become epidemic in people at this time, but it would be a definite case of preaching to the choir, because the ones who are paying attention, know this, and the ones who are delusional will just assume I am referring to someone else.

It would be enough to make a person physically sick, and certainly mentally and emotionally distraught, if not for the fact the scriptures warned us of these exact circumstances.  I noted that in Terry James’ Op-Ed for this week on Rapture Ready’s Nearing Midnight feature, he addresses the topic of Babylon the Great, and states it may be time to reconsider the possibility that…

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