Asking for Proof Undermines Atheism

“What they don’t want to be is consistent. They want what they want.”

How surprising for beings that don’t want to face the possibility of eternal damnation.


The Christian Apologist/Pastor Jeff Durbin, in the video below, does an excellent job of showing an atheist that a request for proof, actually undermines atheism. It’s a point which we (Christians) must be aware of when we are confronted with the challenge to prove Christianity to those we evangelize. Especially those who deny the existence of God.

According to consistent atheism, reality is, when you get right down to it, just… stardust. In other words, the universe is only stardust randomly bumping into stardust. Within a consistent, atheistic paradigm, there is no uniformity, it’s an illusion.

Why do I say this?

Because, honest atheism does not permit for the existence of any definitive objectivity, nor any absolute standards of any kind. In other words, in such a paradigm, there are no fixed or true points of reference. Everything is governed by chaos. There is no grounding with which to rest…

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