11+ Articles On Jade Helm Martial Law | JADE (Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution)


(Before It’s News)

The elite create military build ups like this,  put gmos in our food, and chemtrails in our air – or us 94 million people that live in the USA that now must fight the biggest war in history of the planet..


REMEMBER putting out electricity in designated sectors of land mass are part of this drill, so at any time be prepared for that.

At one time, I really wanted to be a comedy script writer in Burbank, and now, its come to this. Who knew. God has bigger plans then sometimes we know.  Follow your bliss, be strong AMERICA!!!!!!

This first clip below was created a while back, so ignore dates, but KNOW FEMA camps have ovens in them just like NAZI GERMANY, so the data and film edits in the clip are quite powerful and priceless and sad beyond measure.

That’s why the gov’t wanted…

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