UI Review: Oblivion


You can’t talk about slick futuristic UI without bringing up the movie Oblivion.

Analysis UI - Oblivion

When you watch Oblivion it becomes very apparent that an architectural mind is behind this movie. Joseph Kosinski, who studied architecture, directed his second film Oblivion after Tron Legacy. Kosinski worked with Producer Steve Gaub and Lead Interface Graphic Designer Bradley Munkowitz (better known as GMUNK), both of whom were also involved in the director’s previous project.

Ship HUD UI - Oblivion

GMUNK assembled a small team of super awesome graphic designers and motion artists that operated as an independent team working directly with Kosinski.

Jake Sargeant and Joseph Chan were brought on as graphic designers and David Lewandowski (Dlew), Navarro Parker and Alexander Perry did motion.

Oblivion Credits

It’s also good to mention the team over at Prologue films that was responsible for the title sequence, trailers and end credits. The team consisting of creative director Danny Yount , lead animator Taka Sato

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