The Cabal Is Going Down

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Monday, exciting news was reported!  Gaia Portal mentions energetic changes that foretell the shakeup.  Benjamin Fulford reports that “Over 20 national governments to be overthrown as cabal take-down begins, CIA sources say.

Gaia Portal has posted another piece that rings imminent changes so loudly that I can’t resist passing it on.  Power of the darker forces is being neutralized.  The jig’s up for the Cabal / Illuminati and even those casually participating in their shenanigans.  All timelines are collapsed so that only the “happiest” one is left.  We are protected.

“Sterilizations” of lower energetics is now underway…[more]


Evidence of the Global Cabal’s loss of power is cropping up from various sources.  There is movement in plans to take control from the Cabal.  How soon will it really happen?  Their dense energies cannot last long on this planet of high vibration.  You see, the root…

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