Responses to Catholic Claims

Intelligent Christian Faith

I normally avoid internal disputes within the Christian Church, preferring instead to direct my efforts towards challenges from outside the church. But a friend asked me for some thoughts on a particularly aggressive catholic who was trying to argue against protestantism and persuade them towards catholicsm. Here are some collected thoughts on the subject. I claim no expertise on the matter.

Some caveats

catholics_pope_large_03-27-08 Courtesy of Fox News

1) Catholics are Christians. Protestants are Christians.
–The feuds we may have between us are family feuds, not enemy combat.

2) Evangelicals are Christians, protestant or catholic, who proselytize (try to persuade people to their religion).
–Catholics can seek to share their faith, or may have teachers and ministers encouraging a public witness complete with altar calls and tearful repentance. Protestants haven’t cornered the market there. But, admittedly, there are probably more protestant evangelicals than catholic evangelicals.
–A stricter sense of “evangelical” does exist…

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