US Corporate government goes bankrupt on April 17th, refuses to acknowledge – Benjamin Fulford – April 20, 2015

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NOTE BY NANCY: I am posting Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report as one more example of how much is going on in the world that the American/Western mainstream media either does not report or mixes tidbits of truth into their routine lies, making it very difficult to discern truth. Benjamin makes no claim to be reporting absolute truth. He, like many of those making every effort to discern truth, reports truth to the best of his ability to uncover it. He reports what he is told or has found and, leaves it up to us to follow up with our own independent research—something we need to do with all journalists. As David Wilcock stated in his comment on this report, “It is a good one and has me on the phone calling my Insider Contacts to verify.”

Remember, the U.S. Corporate Government is not the Republic of the united states of…

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