Moving Forward Into A New World

” People are in for a very brutal awakening. While this new world is much kinder, more balanced and fair than the old world; it takes far more energy than ever before to creatively make things happen. The average person simply will not be able to make a dent creatively speaking in our new resonant world. They will remain at the mercy of external events and unable to alter the outcome in any meaningful way.”

Average person = Organic Portal.

Anarchistbanjo's World

As this energy wave now pushes downward into the magickal planes once again, highlighting events for the coming month, I feel a little anxiety and foreboding about things. I can sense  a dark spot on my horizon where the s**t hits the fan and opens that can of worms I have been so avoiding. It is a very mixed feeling. On the one hand I know that I have to go through it to get where I want to be, but on the other hand I know that those I love will be hurt by it as well. My life is going to crack wide open and there seems to be nothing I can do about it, in fact, this must happen.

I know that in three months or so my part time job, which brings in an additional badly needed $4oo per month will be gone. Without that income…

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