Pigs in a Blanket

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Which is sexier a circumcised or an uncircumcised penis? I know I
am going to catch a lot of flack from this but I have been
traumatized by a pig in the blanket and I never want to see
another one again. I must say and a circumcised penis is the way
to go for me. An uncircumcised penis cannot get any love from me

I have been dreading this subject like the plague because I do
not want to hurt anyone’s feelings or expose them so names will
not be used to protect the guilty. So one night I am at home and
I get a call from a friend who would like to stop by. So I jump
in the shower and throw on something sexy. Patiently waiting the
door bell rings and he shows up on time we exchange pleasantries
and I lead him to my…

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2 thoughts on “Pigs in a Blanket

    1. BTW, since when did you become all obsessed about circumcision?

      Jews and Islamaniacs get cut, their faiths require it; the rest of us don’t have to, but if we want to, we should be able to make that decision, so that Jews and Muslims within our societies can have the same privilege – since it wouldn’t be fair to let them but not others / wouldn’t be fair to not protect their sons but protect ours / depending on your POV.

      That is all.

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