San Francisco may ban circumcision

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San Franciscans may soon have the opportunity to ban circumcision in their city:

Self-described “civil rights advocates” say that a ballot proposition to ban circumcision is on track for gathering signatures, meaning that San Franciscans may vote on the measure this November.

The proposed law is being spearheaded by local resident Lloyd Schofield, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

It’s part of a national push to end the procedure, which some say is steeped in tradition but poses risks and has little medical benefit. TheAmerican Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association do not recommend routine circumcision.

Browsing the various comments, it appears that most conservatives oppose such a ban because it would infringe on freedom of religion.  I think it goes without saying that freedom of religion should only apply when no real harm is done to the child.  Thus, male circumcision is okay but female…

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2 thoughts on “San Francisco may ban circumcision

    1. I just looked it up; it was struck by the ballot by a judge, because medical procedures are a state, not city, matter, so the city couldn’t rule on it.


      I hate jurisdictions voting on matters that are outside of their jurisdiction.

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