A Deeper Look at GALATIANS

In Spirit and in Truth

How often is Paul’s Epistle to the GALATIANS used to argue for the Law having been ‘done away with’? Does GALATIANS actually say that? If not, what does GALATIANS have to say for itself?

Written in this blog are two other posts about GALATIANS. The dealing with Titus’ circumcision, and that of Peter’s embarrassing gaffe in Antioch, as discussed by Paul in GALATIANS because it was relevant to the situation there. These posts are: Was Titus Compelled or Not? and What Did Peter Do Wrong in Antioch? It may be useful to reread these to brush up on what was happening with the Christians in Galatia. But, in truth, it is not abundantly clear.

I was wondering out loud to my disinterested 17 year-old today, why we relate the goings-on of GALATIANS to today’s church at all. Only Paul and the Galatians know the full story. The letter…

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