Fundamentalist Drift Theory

Atheist Logic Fail


I first wrote this theory on Myspace when they had the blog function.  That was the back when the Atheists the Hitchenites and the Dawkinites were coming into their own and they were the most nasty and arrogant.  I had escaped the Jehovah’s Witness religion and it was interesting how the same processes in that religion were being repeated in the atheist community.  The JW religion started out pretty cool they had drawings of breasts in the literature and they used themes like Illuminati eyes in pyramids for the watchtower, at one time you could smoke.  What is interesting is that all of the awesomeness and freedom very quickly went away as the organization got bigger and tried to take its message to more people.  The same thing happened with the atheist proselytizing of science.  Some things shouldn’t be evangelized.  Just because you convert to paying lip service to a different god…

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