Sanskrit Best For Artificial Intelligence Study

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Two languages,Sanskrit and Tamil are the oldest languages of Humanity.

Essentials in Artificial  Intelligence.Image.jpg. Essentials in Artificial Intelligence.

While Tamil is in very much vogue, spoken Sanskrit is practically dead, save in a few villages in Maharashtra near Pune and in  Kerala.

Both the languages though unique in their own way, they have influenced each other.

One of the reasons for these languages being called Rich is the fact that they are as logical as Mathematics and Logical Positivism.

Language to be rich should have the capacity to transmit thoughts unambiguously, logically the Human feelings and emotions.

This can be achieved in two primary ways.

One is that one word indicating a thing or feeling shoudl have as many words as possible to differentiate and convey the exact feeling or thought.

Tamil achieves this by possessing as many word as possible to indicate the same thing or feeling.

For instance, the word which…

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