Anonymous Scanning with Nmap in Kali Linux



Anonymizing your connection is one the main requirements you need to do when you want to do bad things. When you going to scan a website or target host for vulnerabilities undetected so that Interpol won’t come knocking at your door with the Female Body Inspectors. For this purpose we are going to use TOR.

Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security known as traffic analysis”. Tor network is an onion routing project that allows users to send traffic through the network, thus making your Internet traffic appear to come from the Tor exit node, not your real IP.

Tor runs your traffic through 3 hops and multiple nodes to mask your IP via their onion-routing system. But, let’s face it, Tor is slow…

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