Elliot Rodger – mental issues and sexism

Internal Monologues

This kid has been all over the Internet these past couple of days, and he certainly doesn’t deserve all the attention he’s getting – so I can’t say I feel awfully proud to be adding some more text to this train-wreck of a story. But I guess that’s what attracts all of us to these cases: the story. It’s why we watched his videos and read articles and comments about him… and why we’re looking to use his mistake as an argument for/against certain social topics. We are fascinated with train-wrecks and people driven over the edge. And in some hidden, perverse corner of our minds, we’re curious to see if we can sympathize with these wrong-doers; test our own moral compass by checking whether or not we can identify with those we deem “evil“. But somehow… Elliot is not interesting. He doesn’t have an interesting story. His arguments…

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