“No somos invisibles / We are not invisible” All Over Estrecho Station (Madrid)

andando por las calles | walking in the streets

“No somos invisibles.”  As I was leaving Estrecho station (Tetuán district) yesterday I saw this slogan written on the walls of Bravo Murillo, the busy commercial street:



I wondered if there were more so I left Bravo Murillo and started walking to my left.  Yes, there was a number of them.  The streets  were speaking loudly and clearly:



I had no idea who may have written them, who their subject and what their specific referent may be–people impoverished by neoliberal policies, immigrants, women, the elderly, the unemployed, the list could go on–but their eloquent and broad interpellation to passers-by reminded me of a piece by Chicano “anthropoet” Renato Rosaldo. The poem starts like this: “We celebrate their days / eat hot dogs, love baseball, / but they say we were born to weed, / carry crates in the grey of dawn / while they sleep.  Awake they…

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