Proxy war over France

Convoluted Gulf Research: the Next GCC Proxy War over France, Vive Le Roi……

“That Saudi Arabia has agreed to host a top Iranian official suggests that Iran is ready to offer concessions on at least one of the top issues of concern to the kingdom, including Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, said Mustafa Alani of the Dubai-based Gulf Research Center. “This does not come out of nowhere. There must be some Iranian concession,” he said. “The Iranian foreign minister is not coming just to kiss cheeks. The Saudis would make very sure they are not bluffing before issuing the invite.”………….” 

What convenient conclusion by this Gulf Research Center analyst. Amusing if convoluted analysis of the situation in the Middle East and the Gulf. I don’t see the logic of it, this talk of ‘concessions’. It is either self-serving or delusional or most likely both. The consensus now is that it is the Saudis whose policies have failed in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen. In Iraq and Lebanon the decks are stacked against them: there is no way the Saudis can win. Syria is ‘iffy’ in the long term, although the regime is winning for now. Yemen is a mess and will continue to be so for many years. Then there are the reports of American pressure to seek accommodation.

On the other hand, the Saudi policies have succeeded in other parts of the region. They now ‘own’ Egypt probably even more so than they did under Mubarak, and they occupy Bahrain, and their allies rule Pakistan (until the next military coup). Moreover, they now own half of Paris (France not Texas), while Qatar owns the other half. Which means that the Saudi and Qatari potentates will soon be fighting a proxy war over influence in France. The Saudis will try to get the French to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a ‘terrorist’ group. The Qataris will try to expose the Salafi networks that snuck in from North Africa. The French as usual will play both sides: they will sell more weapons to the Saudis and they will sell more bits of Paris and Nice to the Qataris. Life will go on.
Vive le roi………


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