King James Bible

Hana Osseiran_AUB

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I have always found it fascinating how religion can twist language to befit its doctrine and influence millions, but my interest in the King James bible culminated after hearing Doctor David Crystal‘s talk regarding his book, Begat: The King James Bible and the English Language. Crystal, a professor of linguistics who specializes in language play, summarizes the influence of the King James Bible on the English language in his book. He gave a highly interesting, informational, and humorous talk that I very much enjoyed watching in the video below:

Crystal discusses how the King James version changed the spelling of certain words, such as “pluckt” becoming “plucked”, in addition to punctuation, grammar, vocab, and much more. After seeing the transitions in language before and after the King James, it was dumbfounding to see that  it is quite predictable that something so influential and wide-spread as a religious book…

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