UKIP’s Magnus: ‘People who fought to extend the vote were probably doing the wrong thing’

Libertarians do not like democracy.

Richard Osley


MAGNUS Nielsen has been the guy from UKIP in the north of Camden for what must be going on for at least ten years, maybe for as long as UKIP has been a thing. I’m not offended, but every election he introduces himself to me like we’ve never met before and tonight he insisted his party really were the ‘new kids on the block’ for next week’s council elections. No longer alone, a row of UKIP supporters were among those in the Emmanuel School hall for well-attended hustings organised by the West Hampstead Life website. For those who hadn’t seen Magnus at work, this was a vintage performance to start off with. His answers were so unlike all the other voices that his answers were capable of unifying the candidates from the other parties in a shared level of bemusement.

The strange thing is, that despite the fact he now…

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