The political Photofit parade is not fit for purpose – on purpose.

Links That Hold

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show said, ‘The system is broken, just like it’s designed to be’.

This morning all the dangers to our children on ‘The School Run’ were identified and heightened.

‘Stranger danger’, instilled, installed and programmed into us as children, has evolved into fear of  the ‘other’.

Thus, we fear foreigners; or may be required to.

This isn’t surprising. We’re not so fare removed from warring tribes, and village differences. Take those divisions, and give us good reason to disagree, or amplify grievances, and magnify perceived slights and… well you see where this is going.

Not to a good place.

And our Government, see it as their role, to put a protective arm around our shoulders and usher us there. They won’t lead us there, because true leadership puts you in the firing line. Like generations before them, their job is to draw the lines. They are…

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