New Strategy for the War on Drugs??

The Failed War on Drugs

Since the early 90’s, there have been different elected officials in the head office; each with a different strategy in hopes of solving the War on Drugs. The United States became heavily engaged in this war following the arrest of two prominent leaders: General Noriega of Panama, and the mayor of the District of Columbia, Marion S. Berry. Realizing the impact these arrest had on the country and worldwide, the United States intended to spend $9 billionand the U.S. plan was to legalize drugs and subject them to government taxation and regulation in hopes of controlling drug abuse. These anti-drugs effort began during the Reagan administration, as has carried on into the Obama administration.

Throughout Reagan’s tenure, his strategy to curtail the drug supply was aimed at every link in the distribution chain, from the field to the street. The program had special attention towards disrupting the drug distribution…

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