Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names – John F. Kennedy

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I’m a kind person. At least, I like to believe I’m kind. Trying to be good, trying to help people. But however good I pretend to be, I’m also very unforgiving. Once you do me wrong, or my family, or my friends, you can just forget it. Sometimes, I find forgiving overrated. I cannot stand these people who say that we should forgive everyone, because we’re all human. Of course we’re all human, but what you do is your decision. And if I try to be good, I expect that of you as well. If you don’t try to be good and decide to insult me, then that is something you should face the effect of.

I’ve never been the person to publicly announce my discontentment, so for a big part of my life, I just let it all happen. If someone was insulting me, I wouldn’t say: “You are…

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