Canals and Flowers in Amsterdam

Brittany Studies Abroad

Sorry it’s been such a long time since I’ve blogged! I flew from London to Montreal to Hartford on April 30th and got home around ten pm. I’ve been busy reading, catching up on my TV shows, turning 21, and showering without shoes on. Blogging was easier to do in Italy, when I had homework to put off! (No, it’s actually easier here, with American wi-fi…)

On Saturday, April 5th, I took my remaining two final exams, zipped up my suitcase, and boarded a bus that took me to Marco Polo Airport in Venice. Some CIMBA kids went to nearby train stations for the next leg of their adventures, but most went to the airport, so there was a congregation of students outside the airport. In all of the confusion and amidst all the goodbyes, I stupidly left my backpack outside. After some panicked running around and…

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