SpiraTeam database hack for user access

.NET Development by Eric

My test colleague uses SpiraTeam and needed some help restoring a backup. After restoring we granted access to the database from IIS (network service). But now he tells me nobody knows the Administrator password. What to do?


The SQL Server database of SpiraTeam contains the users with their (hashed) passwords. The steps below show how I gained access without knowing the origional password or the answer to the password reset question.

  • Make sure you have access to the database with something like SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express
  • Register for an account with the link on the login screen, you will know this password spirateam.needaccount
  • Update the administrator user in the database with the password and hash from the new account. This will
  • Log in with Administrator and the password you entered when registering for the new account
  • You can now start creating new accounts and granting access, since you’re…

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