Foreign language fluency – what is it to you?

Self Taught Japanese

The other day I read a fellow blogger’s review of the book “Fluent in 3 months” (which you can see here), and that got me thinking about what foreign language fluency really is. If I did an online search I’m sure I could find hundreds of explanations, but I decided to take a different angle and think about what fluency really meant to me.

In my mind there are (at least) two types of fluency: native-language equivalent fluency and working fluency.

Native-language equivalent fluency is the highest level of fluency, and the most difficult to attain. It means being able to say or write anything as well as you can in your native language, and comprehend when listening or reading to the same extent.  To reach this level of fluency you have to be able to say “I’m fluent in English [or your native language] and also fluent in…

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