Words about Marry and Love (14-4)


Now let’s have a look who is the woman that曹植 (2) talking about. It was his sister-in-law甄 (3) (183Jan26-221Aug 4).

When she was fourteen years old, it was the end of Han Dynasty. China was controlled by many warlords. Year after year’s chaos, people lived in famine. The甄 (3)’s family had plenty of cereals, her parents took the opportunity to make money with it. But甄 (3) said to them, “It is a chaos world now, if we have too much money, it may cause trouble and if it attracted robber, we may lose life for the money. So the best way to treat this cereal is give them to the poor for free.”  Her parents agreed with her.

Later, she married with the son of 曹操 (4)’s enemy named 袁绍 in 204 AD. When袁绍 was beaten by曹操 (4), 曹丕 (1) went in the mansion of 袁绍. He found a woman…

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