Islamophobia and Conspiracy Theories are incompatible…

Another Islamic Terrorist Agrees With Alex Jones On 9/11

During his trial this past week, Islamic terrorist Abu Hamza al-Masri said he believes the World Trade Center towers were brought down with controlled demolitions. Of course, this puts another Islamic terrorist on board with talk radio show host Alex Jones, who says the same thing. Jones has been gaining in popularity over the last decade because he’s effective at mixing a concoction that is made up of some truths, a lot of sensationalism, and sometimes lies.

If someone wants to argue – as has – that the Bush administration got into bed with Muslim Brotherhood groups and leaders both prior to and after 9/11 thanks to Grover Norquist’s advances and Karl Rove’s acceptance of those advances, it’s an irrefutable argument. In fact, if you want to go a step further and argue that the Bush administration covered up its relationships with these groups and furthered them after 9/11, that would also be accurate.

However, to argue that the towers were brought down by Bush, Cheney, or an assortment of their underlings is absurd.

Jones is irresponsible and sensationalizes his programs for effect, often at the expense of the truth, which is dangerous when it’s deceptive and not satire. A perfect example of this is New Year’s Eve in 1999. Jones was completely irresponsible and like H.G. Wells, used the radio to convey something untruthful to his listeners. Unlike the infamous ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast, Jones was trying to mislead his listeners.

If you are ever inclined to defend Alex Jones, you should listen to this before doing so:

Mme Scherzo:

I once attended a house church whose patron saints seemed to be Alex Jones, Peter S. Ruckman and Jack Chick. When I pointed out that Mohammedans concocted and perpetrated the act, they quickly reverted to Building 7. Since we witnessed it in real time, it takes more effort to believe the conspiracies about 9/11 than actually believing the truth. Face it. The terrorists were more competent than the US government – who had foreknowledge of the people involved. Their incompetence in preventing this act is better documented than all the Alex Jones conspiracies about 9/11.

Comment: Alex Jones is going to get isolated. Neither people who dislike Jews nor people who dislike Muslims do like Alex Jones.

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