The Prepper Fraud

As traditional America crumbles, more and more Whites are becoming concerned about the future. The Jews are certainly alarmed when Aryans begin to become uncomfortable with all of the “progress” in today’s society, but rather than clamping down on every form of dissent, as they did in the Soviet Union, the Jews allow certain expressions of dissatisfaction, as long as they remain kosher.

That is, all discontent with the current system must avoid discussing the Jews, avoid discussing race, and not actually do anything to change our present course. One popular form of kosher dissent is the “truth” movement, which we have covered extensivelyelsewhere. Another related form kosher dissent is the “prepper” movement.

The two core beliefs behind the prepper movement are:

1) that a complete collapse of society, commonly known in prepper circles as TEOTWAWKI (“the end of the world as we know it”), is inevitable, and

2) that the best, or only, way to combat TEOTWAWKI is to stock up on weapons and supplies and simply wait for the collapse to come.

The obstacles that these beliefs pose to political organization are obvious.

Preppers would have us believe that the world is too far gone for any political organization to be possible. While we agree that the current situation is very bad, we also point out that refusing to organize politically guarantees defeat. Furthermore, even if you believe that the system will “collapse” any day now, forging alliances and building community before the collapse is a much better survival tool than stockpiling supplies, and such alliances will be equally valuable even if society does not have a catastrophic break-down.

And as for the “collapse” itself, much prepper speculation about TEOTWAWKI is completely ridiculous. Many preppers seem to think that overnight our society will go from its current state to a level lower than contemporary Africa. They envision a world where all industry and trade will miraculously disappear, together with the military and the police. In this vacuum, the small arms and emergency food supplies amassed by preppers will make them kings. This is utter foolishness.

Without some sort of unprecedented natural disaster, there is no way that our society could change so radically in such a short period of time. This sort of fantasy about TEOTWAWKI blinds our people to the much more painful truth: we are heading towards the situation currently seen in South Africa, where a tiny White minority is being wiped out by savage hordes. We are heading in this direction because of low White birth rates, massive third-world immigration, and anti-white propaganda in the Jew-controlled media. Building an underground bunker does absolutely nothing to change these depressing trends.

The prepper fraud is very dangerous not only because it distracts our people from real solutions, but because it is so appealing to the American character, and perverts otherwise healthy American virtues. Our pioneer heritage has instilled in us a love of independence and self-sufficiency, and we would certainly encourage American nationalists to cherish and cultivate these virtues. It would be foolish to expect that the police will protect your home from burglars, or that the government will feed you during a natural disaster, and therefore it is very wise to keep a good supply of arms and food. But this prudent preparedness must never REPLACE political action.

Preppers see themselves as tough, patriotic Americans, but their actions do not threaten the current system. Being a prepper allows someone to feel tough without actually putting himself at risk in any way, and without even having to come in contact with his fellow man. It is a solipsistic dead-end, and can only lead to defeat.

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