Sharpan tul? – just another way of saying ‘Fekas?’
Yutlab? – asked when the person has had some tough experience recently and you want to ask politely if they’re OK.

Chesh, …! Atraduk? – this is a very informal way of greeting a close friend or anyone who you see on a regular basis and you want to ask has anything happened since you last met.

Chesh, …! Sharpuk? – the same as above with a difference that you’re probably not that interested in what news the other person might have.

Chesh, …! Thillak ekta! – used when you haven’t seen the person for a long period of time and you want to state that fact in the greeting.

Chesh, …! Kurtapan? – just a standard enquiry with little or no direct meaning.

Yorpathil…? – a typical way of asking something that might be a slightly personal question.

Ladukuth… – a very handy way to start making your point if you’re not sure how to begin the sentence.

Comment: Courtesy to Robby Kukurs for collecting these common phrases.


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