Mantra For Dumbness Autism

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Nothing can be more painful for a parent whose child is afflicted with Autism,save the Loss of Children.

Modern medicine has supportive medicine but there seems to be no effective cure.

Ayurveda seems to offer some relief.

I am providing some information towards the conclusion of this Post.

lalitamahatripurasundai .jpg. Lalita MahtripuraSunadari

When all your efforts fail, there is nothing but to Pray The One.

I am providing three Mantras for Relief and possible cure from these afflictions, Dumbness and Autism.

Parents are to recite this Mantra for Forty Five Days starting from Suklapaksha Chaturthi or Panchami(the fourth or the Fifth day of the waxing Moon).

Early morning recital is most effective, between 4-30 and 6 am.

Face North-east

1008 times a Day.

If you have an Image of Gayatri or Saraswati or Lord Krishna with Flute, Pray in front of the Image.

Naivedya .Kalkandu,Rock Candy,Kallu Sakkare (Kannada)Kalkandu

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