Charlie Stross v. Former NSA Chief Keith Alexander: Compare and Contrast

World Of Pancakes

It was my intent to make a series of posts about my virtual move over the next week or so, but I read this on-point post by the esteemed Mr. Stross on the way home tonight and knew I was going to have to write about it ASAP. It’s well worth reading the whole piece, but for those of you who would rather read my summary rather than a Charlie Stross original*, I’ll try to give you the gist.

Stross argues that the Edward Snowden leaks were the predictable and necessary result of the spy agency’s policy of exploiting rather than reporting security flaws as well as their efforts to introduce security flaws into standards that should have been secure. I think that’s a reasonably accurate CliffsNotes version. Let me know if you think I’ve misrepresented his views.

When I got home, I found a well-timed counterargument: Former head of…

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