Ubuntu 14.04 — a review

Thoughts on computing

It has been a while since I last tried ubuntu.  So, with the hype I was hearing, I decided to give the new 14.04 release a good trial.  I downloaded both the standard version and the kubuntu version (KDE version) on the day of the release announcement.

My initial reaction was “this is awful.”  But it turns out that most of what I did not like was because of the Unity desktop in the standard version.  So that’s probably not a good way of judging the distro, since other desktops are available.  Perhaps I’ll post on my opinion of Unity at another time.

“Burning” to USB

My plan was to install via a USB flash drive.  I ignored the instructions at the ubuntu site, and copied the “.iso” files directly to the USB device.  I used “dd_rescue” on opensuse for that, though “dd” or some other raw copying utility…

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