Slaughtering The Most Sacred Of Cows

Freedom From The Gynocracy

My last blog certainly generated some reactions.  All these reactions had something in common.  They completely avoided what I actually said.

Somehow my last blog got noticed by the conspiratard and blue pill reddits.  I got attacked multiple timesfor being a virgin/incel. Here are a couple of examples.

Another incel! Those guys are the craziest.

I think it goes incel > MGTOW > Red Pill > MRAs > PUAs

Is another incel dude with too much free time and an internet connection?

This just proves my point, especially since someone else said a government agency should be tracking me for being a virgin.

I really hope some government agency is watching this guy, because I’m genuinely pretty sure he’s going to snap, kill a woman and wear her skin around his house.

Because the government shouldn’t be watching terrorists, drug dealers, or organized crime.  No, the government…

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