Advertising: Our Common Language

Rethinking Prosperity

Katie Lowell

Advertising, whether you choose to believe it or not, effectively targets your subconscious to create the consumer driven world in which we live. We organize society and convert the average consumer into a loyal brand ambassador by associating meaningful feelings, stories, or histories to the products we are sold. As a result, our lifestyle circuits develop around advertisements that target specific image tribes. We join image tribes by purchasing the advertised product and expressing individual identity through the brand. Because the logic of advertising becomes the common language we are taught to identify with, commercials are the main mode of communication through which individuals, communities, and nations discuss controversial issues.

Below is an example that tugs at our heartstrings but is truly aiming for our wallets.

This commercial (key word here) celebrates the struggles and triumphs of a young boy born with one leg. Through the uniquely American logic of tenacity…

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