Does NSA Have an Image Problem?


And can it be improved by making a fool of its former head, Keith Alexander? That’s what John Oliver did last week on his Last Week Tonight show. But Alexander apparently didn’t get it. He just continued with his twisted view of reality.

When explicitly asked by Oliver, “In your mind, has the NSA ever done something illegal?” Alexander responded,

“In my time, no. Not that I know of. One of the most impressive things that I’ve seen in my career was people who’ve made a mistake, that could be a huge mistake, stepping up to say, ‘I made a mistake’. And in every case to my knowledge everyone except for twelve individuals stepped forward at the time they made those mistakes.”

Well, everyone except for twelve. And Oliver had got him. He shot, “You can’t say, Ive never killed anyone apart frome three people I have buried under in my…

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