Your Daily Muslim: Amira Abu Hanhan Qaoud

Islam does allow abortion after rape. Why? Hell is eternal.

Your Daily Muslim

The face of a monster. The face of a monster.

“Tonight you die, Rofayda.”

Seventeen-year-old Palestinian girl Rofayda Qaoud was minding her own business. She didn’t instigate anything, nor did she bring anything upon herself. However, that didn’t stop two of her older brothers from raping her. Of course, since the Qaoud family is Islamic, the woman is always seen as the one at fault even if she is the victim. Rofayda was impregnated by one of her brothers but kept her head up after the attack – despite the fact that her mother, Amira Abu Hanhan Qaoud, and her father did not punish the two brothers who raped her. Unfortunately, Islam also forbids abortion, leaving Rofayda with few options regarding the pregnancy.

Rofayda was taken to a hospital for a broken leg. Qaoud claims her daughter “fell over and broke her knee,” but that is highly suspect. While there, a doctor discovered that the…

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