Google censors misogynist, racist, hate speech in autocomplete suggestions


a-mans-place-is-in-the-kitchen--google-autocomplete-hate-speechmisandric autocomplete (‘all men are rapists’, ‘a man’s place is on his knees’) and black hate speech (‘rap song cop killer’) are politically correct and allowed. But

Misogyny, hate speech as defined by PC, and racism are censored in Google’s autocomplete.

Knowing the slippery slope of political correctness, we predict that soon Google will disallow you to complete politically incorrect searches. A few years thereafter Google will report you directly to PC police for asking disallowed questions in searches.

Many people use Google’s autocomplete function on  a regular basis and find it helpful. In fact, this study by Rosetta back in 2011 showed autocomplete was one of the most-used features in an eye tracking study.

Autocomplete suggestions are served up by an algorithm that takes into account the popularity of certain search phrases, the location of the person searching, the freshness of the search query and a person’s previous searches.

Marketers sometimes use the info in autocomplete to get a sense of what the majority of people are searching for when using a keyword or set of keywords.  [1]

Misogynist and racist autocomplete suggestions censored by Google
  • You type: A woman’s place is in
  • Compare : “a Man’s place is in” vs. “a woman’s place is in”
  • The results are as the PC police would expect,, see images to the right
  • Now all MRA (men’s rights activists will be up in arms, demand more censorship from Google.
  • We oppose the maxim: “equal injustice for all”. We want LESS censorship.  We suggest MRA to demand Google to STOP heeding to the censorship wishes of PC feminists and Black civil rights leaders

 all-men-are-rapists-google-autocompleteAll men are ….. rapists.

All women are …………… has wisely been left blank by Google

Google autocomplete

Autocomplete predictions are algorithmically determined based on a number of factors, like popularity of search terms, without any human intervention. Just like the web, the search terms shown may include silly or strange or surprising terms and phrases.

We try to reflect the diversity of content on the web, some good, some objectionable. We also have a small set of removal policies for things like pornography, violence, hate speech, and terms that are frequently used to find content that violates copyrights.


sochi-g-autocompletionGoogle hits out at gay rights in Sochi with rainbow Doodle

are gay rights really the most important issue at the Olympics?

Read more


Google Blocks ‘Racist’ Search Suggestions for UK Cities



Maybe Google decided it would pick its battles this time. To recap just some of the high-profile cases where its search results have been under fire include:

Does the latest compliance in the UK mean Google is softening its stance when it comes to censorship? Maybe in some instances.


Cop Killer is politically correct

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