Hitler’s Finances, Schacht in his Own Words

Real Currencies

Left: Gottfried Feder, the intellectual powerhouse that gave Hitler the anti-usury agenda he needed to get to power. But he was sidelined by Schacht and never got the opportunity to implement his ideas.

Clearly far from all were convinced by the analysis that Hitler’s finances were not at all interest-free. But recently some key quotes from Schacht’s memoires have come to my attention. They completely validate the basic premises of the article.

As a reminder, the article pointed out a number of key issues. Hitler did not really reform the German monetary system. The Reichsmark, created by the Weimar republic, continued to be the national unit. The banks continued their operations, based on usurious fractional reserve banking. Their ownership did not change. Germany did have a national debt under Hitler. In 1938 it stood at 18 billion Reichsmark, quite a sizeable sum.

Gottfried Feder was the one behind Hitler’s very…

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