Arab women are women as well…

Joshua says:

Whoever wrote that article on why women avoid White Nationalism has made a huge mistake in reasoning.

You see, when White Nationalism is realized in its fullest sense it will make no difference what women think of it. Their consent couldn’t matter any less, when it’s a question of survival of our race, and in its most desperate phases of struggle we would long ago have put an end to this feminist fallacy that women are just as capable as men.

We will have no choice but to radically curtail their freedoms in order to keep them safe from Arab pimps and Nigger rapists. Because women don’t have the capacity, nor foresight to avoid such dangerous situations. Only men can protect them, and there is nothing spontaneous or optional about this protection. It is a duty that must be consciously practiced and ENFORCED every step of the way.

I wonder if anyone sought the opinion of women in the midst of the Battle of Vienna? Chances are no one cared when men were valiantly dying in history’s biggest cavalry charge to drive these Mudslimes off our Holy Land.

If the Mudslimes won then our women would have gone to the Arab Harems. And they would have been totally indifferent about it too, the same way many of our Aryan women today are totally indifferent about being part of Jewish Playboy Harems, pornographic videos, and Mudsharking their vaginas around town.

Women don’t determine things, they just go with the flow, whatever is most popular. They are neither moral, nor immoral, but they are AMORAL.

It is men who must answer for their conduct. So shame on the White Man for being such a coward and letting our women become whores! This is really where the blame lies. Especially our fathers who slept their way through the 60s and 70s without once questioning where these Nihilistic values would lead.

When it’s our race at stake, our expectations and standards will be the most popular, not by choice, or any other such stupid democratic wishful thinking, but by NECESSITY. Only a man can enforce such a thing.

Don’t worry about the women in WN, this is a boy’s club. We’re not pandering to women, or feminists notions about inclusion and equality. Feminism has run its course and we’ve seen the full effects of it, now the pendulum must swing the other way. If we don’t out-chauvinize the Arabs then you can kiss your Aryan women goodbye.

We are not the civilized Europe of chivalry anymore, that place died long ago. We are now at a much lower, morally barbaric level. I don’t like it either, but this is environment we must fight in, and the sooner you realize this truth the better prepared we will be for the battle of survival.

The Jews have retrograded us back to a more primitive era with their postmodernism and relativism, and so we must reckon with this in mind.

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