Child Molestation?

Children Adolescent boys traumatized by sex laws. Meredith Powell, a drop dead gorgeous, bubbly, friendly, young teacher flirted, kissed, gave blow jobs and maybe even more. Meredith Powell is every boy’s wet dream.



Meredith Powell, child rapist sexual predator

Legal System destroys the lives of boys and Meredith Powell

An anonymous person, deluded by feminist and religious conservative sex laws, or just jealous, turned their secret public. Now the young men’s private lives are under world wide scrutiny. They feel the guilt of being the cause of their teacher’s arrest.

Powell, who has taught in the Tacoma Public Schools district since 2012, was busted after district officials received an anonymous tip. They forwarded the tip to local police.

Police say the trysts began after a drunken Powell responded to a text from a former student one night, reports The News Tribune. The student told Powell he was “turned on thinking about her.”

The student took the initiative to be “raped”. Yes, he wanted to be “raped” and be “traumatized”

She replied that “he was hot, too.”

That was unwise. But was it terribly traumatizing for the student? See [sexual predatorMeredith Powell Photos


Apparently, and not surprisingly, the unnamed student then began making frequent visits to Powell’s classroom—so much so that his girlfriend grew jealous.

Here we probably have the anonymous caller. Jealousy. The only hurt person is his girl friend. And she had the power to take revenge and really hurt the rival. And her boy friend, too.

On Monday, the math teacher wrote a letter to the girlfriend apologizing for “promiscuous” and “unprofessional” text messages.

That, of course, was very dumb. Any admission of guilt. It seems that Meredith Powell just was a naive friendly woman. Unaware that any involvement with an extremely enthusiastic underage boy is RAPE because by some warped logic, he is unable to *consent

It’s not clear how the other two male teenagers factor in but, according to the Mail, Powell admitted to engaging in oral sex and other sexual activities with the students at various times in the month of January.

Very unwise, indeed. She should have insisted on a lawyer, but probably was unaware of the seriousness of her crime. Her only hope is the “pussy pass”, that women generally get much lower punishment then men, for the same sex crime.

The boys’ Trauma

Dan Voelpel, a spokesman for the Tacoma school district, told KIRO that the district will now offer counseling to any male teenagers who had sex with their 24-year-old female math teacher.

“We always reach out to any victims or alleged victims to find out what kinds of services and support they might need,” Voelpel explained. [Daily Caller]

The only counseling these guys need is how to overcome the trauma of

  • losing the teacher
  • being told that they suffered terrible trauma and are scarred for life
  • wanting another friendly flirt and fling
  • being the culprit that caused teacher to be punished
  • being in the center of attention
  • their private life being exposed
  • being OBLIGED to testify against their intimate friend

In short, these boys are traumatized by sex laws.

MRA Men’s Rights Movement conspires to traumatize boys and men

And yes, we believe that 16 year old girls also know what they are doing.

Even more so, because, as we know, women mature faster then men, and in all of world history, the marriage age for women was lower then for men.

And yes, the entire mra men’s rights movement gladly traumatizes the boys, and will demand even more punishment for Meredith Powell.

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