Muslim men are not as paedophilic as often claimed

I refuse to see twenty-something Muslim men who have sex with teenage non-Muslim women as paedophiles.  However, as long as Islam treats extra-marital sex between Muslim men and Muslim women differently from extra-marital sex between non-Muslim men and Muslim women (fornication = fisq, insult to Islam = kufr) I recommend to do the same, in reverse. Promiscuity of non-Muslim women is no defense, as even wastrels deserve protection against theft. In a way, non-Muslim women could be seen as the COLLECTIVE property of non-Muslim men.

Both promiscuity of non-Muslim women and sex offenses of non-Muslim men could be the result of non-Muslim men not having sex with Muslim women. If non-Muslim men can leave their seed in Muslim women, they do not have to satisfy their urges with non-Muslim women, who will have an easier time being not promiscuous. To which extent are Muslims in a position to complain about promiscuity and sex offenses of non-Muslims? That could be an interesting discussion. Mind you, Hell is eternal.

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