Where Is The Depopulation Agenda When I Need It?

Lowering birthrates, both the feminist and the MRA version, requires euthanasia as well.

Freedom From The Gynocracy

I’m visiting my family for Christmas right now, and it’s an exercise in frustration.  Everyone has been asking if I’m seeing someone.  I have been through this a million times and have tried explaining the reality of modern women to no avail.  What’s behind my family bothering about this is grandchildren.  I have no siblings (or cousins) so I’m the only source for the next generation of my family.  It’s gotten to the point where I’m considering threatening to not visit on subsequent holidays especially since they don’t do anything to actually help solve what they think is a problem.  Do they do anything like introducing me to single women (putting aside that the only way that could work would be if she was an extreme gold digger)?  Nope.  They just talk my ear off and tell me I should consider single mothers.

This made me think.  Conspiracy theorists think…

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