Fomorians – the shadow gods

Patrilinearity of Lugh?

Pagan Layman

Before the Olymians there were the Titans.  Before the Asir there were the Jotunn. And before the Tuatha de Danann there were the Fomorians.

These peoples war and marry each other. The Asir made love to Jotunfolk, the Tuatha married Fomorians wives. Even Thor, the great giant-slayer, loved and impregnated Jotun women. The different godly tribes became entwined, but no-one, not even the gods themselves, have forgotten these old genealogies, these ancient feuds. At least, so the written stories tell.

Our relationship with these other godly beings is often problematic. One need only think of the heathen controversies concerning the honouring or worship of Loki. Yet it seems that the Jotun, modernly called Rokkr, shadow gods, are more and more sought out by heathen and northern pagan practitioners. And Loki – even if his worship remains a big no-no among many Asatruar groups, which should be no big surprise since…

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