The whiteness of Walter White

Breaking Bad is indeed controversial.


Warning: Spoilers.

Walter White, the lead character of White American television’s “Breaking Bad” (2008-2013), is a high school chemistry teacher and family man who breaks bad, becoming an evil drug lord. It is more than just his last name that is “white”:

His race and ethnicity – not only the character, but the actor, the show’s creator and the main audience are all White Americans (here meaning white Anglo Americans).

His racially segregated social life – he lives in a city that is nearly half Latino, yet his social world – and therefore the main cast and the characters we are supposed to care about – are nearly all white. Whites are centre-stage, the white Whites are at the centre of centre stage. Latinos mostly appear as bad guys, co-workers or people in the background. We are meant to care about them only to the degree that a white…

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